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    Rates & Insurance


    • Initial Individual Assessment: $150.00 (this consists of up to 1 hour initial session per person 
    • Couples Assessment:  $300.00 (this consists of up to 1.5 hour initial session with the couple (discount available for couple assessment)
    • Individual Counseling: $125.00 per 50-minute session
    • Couples Counseling: $250.00 per 50-minute session (discount available for couple session)


    We do not accept all insurance and only if space is available for those that we are approved to work with.


    Payments are acceptable in: cash and most major credit cards as forms of payment. Money Orders are acceptable.  Checks are not accepted.

    Reduced Fee

    Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis.

    For VASAP and/or Court or Reduced Income Referrals:

    • Initial Assessment: $85.00 per 50-minute session per person
    • Individual Counseling: $75.00 per 50-minute session
    • Group Session: $65.00 per 50-minute session
    • Alcohol Breathalyzer: $25.00 per test – and/or Urinalysis Drug testing available at $25.00 per test; 
    • Recurrence to Use Program (Positive results for Alcohol and/or Drug) Program: $50.00 per session (4 session minimum)

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you are responsible to pay for the full rate of the session.  

    Missed Scheduled Appointment

    If you have a scheduled appointment and you miss it – you will not be refunded – nor will you be able to reschedule it.  You may be charged the full rate for a missed appointment.  Two (2) missed appointments will require a re-assessment appointment to discuss what is not working in the plan and could result in an adjustment to services (which may incur additional services/fees).

    Late Arrival

    Late arrivals are not permitted as we work on an appointment basis. 


    You can reschedule appointments prior to 72 hours of the scheduled appointment to avoid additional fees and avoid no refund policy.  Scheduled session may not be in the same month as original scheduled appointment – is on an as available basis.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds are available if you cancel within three days of payment and your scheduled appointment is not within 7 days of the scheduled appointment.  Otherwise we have a NO Refund policy.

    Any Other Questions

    Please contact us for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!